WIKA Optoelectronic Level Switch (OLS-C02)

Selectable switch length


  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulics
  • Plant construction and machine building
  • Pump technology
  • For liquids such as oils, water, distilled water, aqueous media

Special features

  • Selectable switch length from 65 mm to 1,500 mm
  • No moving components
  • Mounting position as required
  • Accuracy ±2 mm
  • Choice of electrical connections: PUR, PVC cable, circular connector M12 or angular connector EN 175301-803 A

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The model OLS-C02 optoelectronic level switch is used for monitoring the level of liquids. The optoelectronic sensor consists of an infrared LED and a light receptor.

The light from the LED is directed at a prism which forms the tip of the sensor. So long as the tip is not immersed in liquid, the light is reflected within the prism to the receiver.


When the liquid rises within the vessel and surrounds the tip, the light beam is refracted by the liquid, so that the receiver is no longer or only weakly reached by the light and reacts to this change by triggering a switching operation.

The model OLS-C02 level switch offers the advantage that its switch length is selectable. This enables an optimal adaptation to the application-specific requirements.


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