WIKA Submersible Pressure Sensor (LS-10)

For general applications


  • Level measurement in rivers and lakes
  • Level measurement in vessel and storage systems
  • Control of sewage lift and pumping stations
  • Monitoring of sewage, settling and stormwater retention basins

Special Features

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Economical

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For simple measuring requirements
The model LS-10 submersible pressure sensor has been optimised for simple measuring requirements in level measurement. It offers excellent quality, is cost-effective and reliable.

It has been designed to the current demands of the industry and features a 4 … 20 mA output signal, an accuracy of 0.5 % and a cable from PUR as standard. With IP68 ingress protection, it is suitable for permanent level measurement up to 100 m water column.

Reliable and durable
The submersible pressure sensor features a hermetically sealed and exceptionally robust stainless steel case. The proven, all-welded construction ensures a long service life and permanent leak tightness.


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