WIKA Reed Level Transmitter (FLR-F)

For food applications


  • Level detection for almost all liquid media
  • Process water and drinking water treatment, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry

Special features

  • Process- and procedure-specific solutions possible
  • Operating limits:
    – Operating temperature: T = -80 … +200 °C [-112 … +392 °F]
    – Operating pressure: P = Vacuum to 25 bar [362,6 psi]
    – Limit density: ρ ≥400 kg/m3 [25,0 lbs/ft3]
  • Wide variety of different electrical connections, process connections and materials
  • Optionally with programmable and configurable head-mounted transmitter for 4 … 20 mA field signals, HART®, PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus
  • Explosion-protected versions (option)

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The model FLR level transmitters with reed measuring chain are used for level measurement in liquid media. They work on the float principle with magnetic transmission.

The float’s magnetic system in the guide tube actuates a resistance measuring chain that corresponds to a 3-wire potentiometer circuit. The measurement voltage generated by this is proportional to the fill level.

The measurement voltage is very finely stepped due to the contact separation of the measuring chain and is thus virtually continuous. Depending on the requirements several different contact separations are available.


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