WIKA Float Switch (RLS-3000)

For industrial applications, with temperature output


  • Combined level and temperature measurement of liquids in machine building
  • Control and monitoring tasks for hydraulic power packs, compressors and in cooling systems

Special features

  • Media compatibility: Oil, water, diesel, refrigerants and other liquids
  • Level: Up to 3 switching outputs, freely definable as normally open, normally closed or change-over contact
  • Temperature: 1 bimetal temperature switch or Pt100/Pt1000, accuracy: Class B
  • Potential-free switching reed contacts

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The model RLS-3000 float switch with temperature output combines the recording of the level and temperature of liquids in a single measuring point. The stainless steel used is suitable for a multitude of media, such as, for example, oil, water, diesel and refrigerants.

Measuring principle
A permanent magnet built into the float triggers, with its magnetic field, the potential-free reed contacts built into the guide tube. The triggering of the reed contacts by the permanent magnet is contact-free and thus free from wear.

  Depending on customer wishes, the switching functions of normally open, normally closed or change-over can be realised for the defined liquid level.

The additional temperature output enables the medium temperature to be monitored by means of a preconfigured bimetal temperature switch or a Pt100/Pt1000 resistance signal.


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