WIKA Test Gauge, Copper Alloy or Stainless Steel (610.20, 630.20)

For low pressure ranges up to 600 mbar, class 0.6, NS 160


  • Precision measurement in laboratories
  • High-accuracy pressure measurement
  • For gaseous, dry and non-aggressive media
  • Model 630.20 also for aggressive media

Special Features

  • Zero adjustment in front
  • Special connection location on request
  • Low scale ranges from 0 … 10 mbar

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As class 0.6 test gauge series, the model 610.20 and 630.20 capsule pressure gauges are suitable for precision measurements in laboratories. They are based upon the proven capsule measuring system. On pressurisation, the expansion of the capsule element, proportional to the incident pressure, is transmitted to the movement and indicated.


For mounting in control panels, the capsule pressure gauges can, depending on the process connection, be fitted with a surface mounting flange or with a triangular bezel and mounting bracket.


The modular design enables a multitude of combinations of case materials, process connections, nominal sizes and scale ranges. Due to this high variance, the instrument is suitable for use in a wide range of applications within industry.