WIKA Process Resistance Thermometer (TR12-B, TR12-M)

For additional thermowell or basic module


  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Offshore
  • Plant and vessel construction

Special features

  • For many variants of temperature transmitters including field transmitter
  • For mounting in all standard thermowell designs
  • Spring-loaded measuring insert (replaceable)
  • Explosion-protected versions (option)

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Resistance thermometers in this series can be combined with a large number of thermowell designs. The replaceable, centrically spring-loaded measuring insert and its extended spring travel enable combination with the widest range of connection head designs.

A wide variety of possible combinations of sensor, connection head, insertion length, neck length, connection to thermowell etc. are available for the thermometers; suitable for any thermowell dimension and any application. Operation without thermowell is appropriate only in special cases.