WIKA High-Precision Measuring İnstrument for Determining The Concentration of SF6 Gas (GA65)


  • Leak test for the final inspection of SF6 gas-filled equipment
  • Monitoring of the concentration of SF6 gas in the ambient air of enclosed spaces

Special Features

  • High-precision and reproducible measurements in the ppb range
  • Fast response time
  • Simple operation and long service intervals
  • No consumables, e.g. flush gas, are required
  • Expendable by multiplexer for up to 24 measuring points

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The model GA65 measuring instrument has been specifically designed for measuring small concentrations of SF6 gas. The quantitative measurement of SF6 gas in the air is carried out reliably and reproducibly even at the smallest quantities.

The used technology is based on the photo-acoustic infrared spectroscopy. This physical and non-destructive measuring principle achieves a very high accuracy with a detection rate of 6 ppbv.

Humidity is compensated and thus does not influence the measuring result.


Cyclic self tests guarantee the reliability and functionality of the instrument. It is recommended to recalibrate the instrument once a year.

The leak rate measuring instrument is easy to use and can be operated via control keys at the front of the housing or via an extensive PC software with a graphic user interface.

Both operating modes allow for the setting of the parameters (e.g. duration of the sampling), the starting of a measurement (manually or automatically), the display of the concentration of SF6 gas in real time or the sending of the values to the downstream control software.


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