WIKA Gas Density Monitor (GDM-100-TA)

With attached transmitter


  • Gas density monitoring of closed SF6 tanks
  • For indoor and outdoor installation in SF6 gas-insulated switchgear

Special features

  • On-site display with switch contact
  • Remote readout (output 4 … 20 mA, 2-wire), measuring ranges from 0 … 10 g/litre to 0 … 80 g/litre
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Hermetically sealed, therefore no influence from atmospheric pressure fluctuation and differences in mounting heights

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The model GDM-100-TA is featured by a attached analog transmitter model GD-10. Through this, the functions of switching and transmission are combined in just one gas density monitor. The combination of a gas density monitor and transmitter in one instrument enables the parallel operation of both instruments with only one process connection, provides additional safety through redundancy
and simplifies the installation tasks on the electrical equipment.

The transmitter is electrically compensated in accordance with the non-linear behaviour of SF₆ gas according to the virial equation. This achieves the highest accuracy for the gas density.


The transmitter records the pressure and temperature of the SF₆ gas in the gas tank. The current gas density is ascertained from both measurement parameters by means of an electronic evaluation system. Thermally induced pressure changes are dynamically compensated and do not affect the output signal. The transmitter generates a densityproportional, standardised signal of 4 … 20 mA.

Recalibration of the zero point is not necessary due to the high long-term stability of the transmitter. The measuring cell ensures a high long-term sealing and is hermetically sealed to prevent leaks and remain independent of atmospheric pressure fluctuations and variations in the mounting height.


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