WIKA Gas Density Switch (GDS-MV)

For medium voltage


  • Medium-voltage equipment
  • Gas density monitoring of closed SF6 gas tanks
  • Ring main units (RMU)

Special features

  • Independent of atmospheric pressure and altitude
  • No recalibration required

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Gas density is a crucial operating parameter for medium-voltage systems. If the required gas density is not present, safe operation of the plant cannot be guaranteed. The gas density measuring instruments from WIKA warn reliably against dangerously low gas quantities, even under extreme environmental conditions. Electrical switch contacts warn the plant manager if the gas density, on account of a leak, drops below a specified value.

Numerous fields of application
The WIKA gas density switches are hermetically sealed and temperature compensated. Measured value fluctuations and erroneous alarms caused by changes in either ambient temperature or air pressure are therefore prevented.


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