WIKA Gas Density Switch (GDS-RC-HV)

With reference chamber


  • High-voltage equipment
  • Monitoring of SF6 gas density of closed gas tanks
  • Raising an alarm when defined limit values have been reached

Special features

  • Accurate isochore, temperature-compensated switching over the entire temperature range
  • Increased plant safety through self-diagnostics
  • Prepared for any alternative gases
  • Very high long-term stability through welded reference gas volume

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Gas density monitoring of electrical equipment
Gas density is a crucial operating parameter for high-voltage plants. If the required gas density is not present, safe operation of the plant cannot be guaranteed. The gas density switch model GDS-RC-HV warns reliably when the gas density, due to leakage, drops below the established values, even under extreme environmental conditions.

Operating principle
The model GDS-RC-HV works according to the reference gas principle. The reference gas enables accurate isochore switching and display over the entire temperature range. Temperature changes and atmospheric pressure variations do not affect the measurement.

Maximum plant safety through self-diagnostics
The welded reference chamber enables a very high long-term stability and eliminates drift. In the extremely unlikely case of leakage in the reference chamber, the plant operator is reliably warned by a switching signal of the instrument. The gas density monitor is maintenance-free.

Prepared for alternative gases
The model GDS-RC-HV can be used for any type of alternative gases and is capable of accurate isochore switching of these gases without any temperature effect.


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