WIKA Flow Meter (FLC-2660)

Insertion version


  • Water distribution monitoring
  • Leakage detection systems
  • Data acquisition and analysis

Special features

  • Suitable for small pipes (80 … 500 mm)
  • No moving parts

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The model FLC-2660 flow meter is an efficient solution when low costs and good performance are needed. It is suitable for small pipes between 80 mm and 500 mm with a maximum pressure of 10 bar.


The measuring instrument is installed using a welded brass bushing on the flow tube. The model FLC-2660 is available in different lengths in order that it can be matched to different pipe diameters, thus offering a wide range of applications.


A WIKA signal converter, either attached directly to the instrument or separated from it (e.g. model FLC-608), detects the potential difference between the electrodes, processes the signal to calculate the flow and manages communication with the external control systems.


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