WIKA Magnetic-İnductive Flow Meter (FLC-2200EL)


  • Water meters
  • Water and wastewater
  • Process industry
  • Industrial process liquids and slurries
  • Mining and pumps

Special features

  • Supplied empty-pipe electrode for diameter ≥ DN 50
  • Integrated pressure port (on request)
  • Internal wet calibration for diameter ≤ DN 2000
  • Approved for custody transfer (MID MI-001, OIML R49)

Sales Contact (Wika.sales@asyatrafo.com)




Magnetic-inductive flow meters are based on the Faraday principle, by which a conductor which traverses a magnetic field generates a potential oriented perpendicular to that field. The flow tube is enclosed by two flanges and also by two coils. The magnetic field which is generated by the electric current running through the coils induces a potential difference in the electrodes that is proportional to the flow being measured.

A WIKA signal converter, either attached directly to the instrument or separated from it (e.g. model FLC-608), generates the current to supply the magnetic coil, detects the potential difference between the electrodes, processes the signal to calculate the flow and manages communication with the external control systems.

The model FLC-2200EL corresponds to the latest state-ofthe-art for water-cycle and process applications. The flow meter is the standard solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The model FLC-2200EL offers a high accuracy

and extensive bidirectional flow measuring ranges in a robust, fully welded and potted design.

If particular ambient conditions require it, the model FLC-2200EL can be supplied in stainless steel, with flange or with special painting for class C4 environments in accordance with UNI EN ISO 12944-2. The measuring instruments are manufactured in accordance with the OIML R49-1:2013 standard.

To be able to measure even very small potentials, the inside of the flow tube is electrically insulated so that the process liquid does not come into contact with the material of the flow tube or flanges.

The flange and the outer surface of the sensor are coated with acrylic paint. Thus the measuring instrument has an excellent resistance to water, even with permanent immersion.


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