WIKA Digital Temperature Transmitter (T15)

For resistance sensors, head- and rail-mounted version


  • Process industry
  • Machine building and plant construction

Special features

  • For the connection of Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors in a 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection
  • For the connection of reed chains in a potentiometer circuit
  • Parameterisation with the WIKAsoft-TT configuration software and electrical connection via quick connector magWIK
  • Connection terminals also accessible from the outside
  • Accuracy < 0.2 K (< 0,36 °F) / 0.1 %

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These temperature transmitters are designed for universal use in plant and machine building, and also in the process industry. They offer high accuracy and excellent protection against electromagnetic influences (EMI). Via the WIKAsoft-TT configuration software and the model PU-548 programming unit, the model T15 temperature transmitters can be parameterised very easily, quickly and with a clear overview.

Besides the selection of the sensor type and the measuring range, the software enables the error signalling operation, damping, several measuring point descriptions and process adjustment to be stored. Furthermore, the WIKAsoft-TT software offers a line recording functionality where the temperature profile for the sensor connected to the T15 can be displayed.

The model T15 transmitter also has diverse supervisory functionality, such as the monitoring of the sensor wire resistance and sensor-break detection in accordance with NAMUR NE89 as well as monitoring of the measuring range. Moreover, these transmitters have comprehensive cyclic
self-monitoring functionality.