WIKA Digital İndicator for Panel Mounting (DI25)

With multi-function input


  • Plant construction
  • Machine tools
  • Plastics technology and processing
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • General industrial applications

Special Features

  • Multi-function input for current and voltage signals and thermocouples and resistance thermometers
  • Ingress protection IP 66 (front panel)
  • two or three freely programmable alarm outputs as standard (depending on the instrument version)
  • 4 … 20 mA analogue signal output as standard
  • HOLD function

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The model DI25 digital indicator is a multi-function, competitively-priced instrument for a wide variety of measuring tasks.

The multi-function input has 18 different input configurations, which can be selected via the rear connections and also by selection of the appropriate input signal within the instrument configuration.
In this way it is possible to connect both transmitters with current or voltage signals and resistance thermometers or thermocouples to the same instrument.

The measured values can be retransmitted for further processing via an analogue output signal (4 … 20 mA).


The basic version of the DI25 indicator features three alarm outputs. Instruments with the optional DC 24 V transmitter power supply have two alarm outputs available

With the high ingress protection of the front panel (IP 66), the DI25 digital indicator can also be used under extreme operating conditions.

All configuration and programming can be carried out through the front-panel keys.