WIKA Differential Pressure Gauge Eco (A2G-05)


  • Differential pressure monitoring for filters
  • Pressure monitoring for ventilators
  • Overpressure monitoring for clean rooms and also under- and overpressure monitoring for laboratories and operating rooms

Special features

  • Very small insertion depth
  • Simple and fast mounting via threaded bezel
  • Separated construction of measuring chamber and display area
  • Integrated sealing element for direct mounting in a ventilation duct
  • Individual design of dial and scale possible

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The model A2G-05 Eco differential pressure gauge is used for monitoring the differential pressure in ventilation and air-conditioning applications. The measuring ranges cover from 0 … 100 Pa to 0 … 6,000 Pa. Plus/minus ranges can be fulfilled from -50 … +50 Pa to -1,500 … +1,500 Pa.

The separated construction of the measuring chamber and display area ensures that impurities from the process air do not settle on the back of the window.

The differential pressure gauge is available in IP54 and IP65 ingress protection as well as two different mounting versions.

Mounting without threaded bezel
Due to its small insertion depth, the model A2G-05 Eco differential pressure gauge in this version is ideally suited for recessed installation in doors, case panels and walls.

Mounting with threaded bezel
Depending on the alignment of the threaded bezel the device can be mounted with the same components on wall thicknesses of 2 … 10 mm or 29 … 50 mm. This mounting version is notable for its fast and tool-free installation.