WIKA Diaphragm Seal with Flange Connection (990.27)

With flush diaphragm


  • Aggressive, highly viscous, crystallising or hot media
  • Process industry
  • Machine building and automation

Special Features

  • Flange with flush welded diaphragm
  • Common standards and nominal widths available
  • Wide variety of different materials and material combinations

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Diaphragm seals are used to protect pressure measuring instruments in demanding applications under difficult conditions. These diaphragm seal systems, consisting of a process transmitter, pressure sensor, pressure gauge or pressure switch with diaphragm seal, can be combined individually for each customer application. For this, a wide range of different designs, process connections, mounting methods and wetted materials are available.

Diaphragm seal models with flange connections are available with flush or internal diaphragms, in tubular design or as in-line diaphragm seals. The diaphragm seals mentioned are also available in a cell-type design.

The model 990.27 diaphragm seal with flush flange connection is assembled from the upper body of a diaphragm seal and the wetted parts (sealing face and diaphragm). This diaphragm seal model is optimised for applications in the chemical, petrochemical and the oil and gas industries and is therefore available in a wide range of dimensions based on the standards common in these markets.

Through the high number of possible combinations and aided by the individual checking of the operating conditions, it is ensured that the ideal customer solution for a diaphragm seal system can be found with the model 990.27.