WIKA Analogue Limit Switch (EGS01)


  • Measuring and control systems
  • Machine building and plant construction
  • Manufacturing automation

Special features

  • Limit switch for mV/V signals
  • 3 relay outputs
  • Adjustable control for switching thresholds
  • Simple operation and setting
  • Case for DIN-rail mounting

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The model EGS01 analogue amplifier with relay outputs works as a DC amplifier for strain gauge measuring bridges. Three downstream comparators, each with one adjustment potentiometer, make it possible to set three different switching thresholds, which correspond to a specific load of the connected strain gauge force transducer. Each comparator output controls a relay and a control LED.

When switched off or if the power supply is interrupted, the three relay contacts on the output terminals 3 to 8 are open. When switched-on and below the respective set switching threshold, the output relays are operating and the relay contacts are closed. Parallel to the relay coil, a control LED is switched. It lights up as long as the output contact is closed.

The amplifier is designed for installation in a control cabinet and can be mounted on a mounting rail in a DIN rail housing made of extruded profile.


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