WIKA Compression Force Transducer (F1201)

Standard, to 30 t


  • Vessels with low installation height
  • Silo scales with low installation height
  • Lifting platforms
  • Stage construction

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 5 t to 0 … 30 t
  • 1,000 intervals per OIML R60 Class C
  • Measuring element from stainless steel
  • Hermetically sealed and welded, ingress protection IP68

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Compression force transducers are used for the determination of compression forces in a wide variety of applications and are suitable for static and dynamic measuring requirements.

Force transducers of the F1201 series, due to their compactness, are very frequently used in industrial applications and in the lifting platforms. The spherical cap (load introduction button) allows for a very simple force introduction. The standard mounting position of the force transducer is horizontal or vertical.

The force transducer is hermetically sealed and welded, correspondingly splash-proof and, thanks to an ingress protection of IP68, works reliably, even under difficult operating conditions.

To avoid overloading, the force transducer should be electrically connected and the measured value monitored during assembly.

The measuring force must be introduced through the centre and free of transverse force. When assembling the force transducer, care should be taken that the support surface is flat.

Compatible force introduction pieces are available as an option.


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