WIKA Hydraulic Compression Force Transducer (F1122)

NS 3 x 33, 3-jaw clamping force test instrument up to 1,000 kN


  • Measurement of clamping force in three-jaw chucks
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures
  • Special machine building
  • Measuring and control instruments

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 6 kN to 0 … 1,000 kN
  • Relative linearity error ±1.0 … 1.6 % Fnom with analogue pressure gauge, ±0.5 % Fnom with digital pressure gauge or pressure sensor1)
  • Piston stroke ≤ 0.5 mm, force introduction as total clamping force
  • Operates without supply voltage
  • 5-year leak-tightness warranty2)

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The hydraulic force transducer model F1122, version NS 3 x 33, is suited for regular testing of the clamping force in 3-jaw chucks. It thereby ensures optimum use of the clamping jaws.

Hydraulic force measurement is a simple way to capture and display the forces occurring in various applications.


The force is measured using the principle of hydraulics: The force acting on a piston leads to a pressure increase that can be visualised on a connected display instrument. The scale of the display instrument can be defined in various units (e.g. N, kN, kg, t).

Leak-tightness warranty
The warranty on leak tightness of the hydraulic force measuring unit was extended to 5 years2). A force transducer that starts to leak within this period will be repaired free of charge.

1) For rated loads below 500 N, the accuracy is ±1.6 % Fnom for all connected measuring instruments.
2) Use of the force measuring unit as intended is a prerequisite for the extended 5-year warranty.


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