WIKA Hydraulic Compression Force Transducer (F1136)

Clamping force test instrument up to 500 kN


  • Force measurement in vices and clamping systems
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures
  • Special machine building
  • Measuring and control systems

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 1.2 kN to 0 … 500 kN
  • Flattened case for stable measurement
  • Relative linearity error ±1.0 … 1.6 % Fnom with analogue pressure gauge, ±0.5 % Fnom with digital pressure gauge or pressure sensor1)
  • Operates without supply voltage
  • 5-year leak-tightness warranty2)

Sales Contact (Wika.sales@asyatrafo.com)




The model F1136 (NS 80) hydraulic force transducer enables the simple and economical force measurement in vices and clamping systems and display of forces of measuring ranges up to 500 kN. The flattened case of this compression force transducer enables a stable force measurement.

The force is measured using the principle of hydraulics: The force acting on a piston leads to a pressure increase that can be visualised on a connected display instrument. The scale of the display instrument can be defined in various units (e.g. N, kN, kg, t).


Leak-tightness warranty
The warranty on leak tightness of the hydraulic force measuring unit was extended to 5 years2). A force transducer that starts to leak within this period will be repaired free of charge.

1) For rated forces below 500 N, the relative linearity error is ±1.6 % Fnom for all connected measuring instruments.
2) Use of the force measuring unit as intended is a prerequisite for the extended 5-year warranty.


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