WIKA Threaded Thermocouple (TC10-D)

Miniature design


  • Machine building, plant and vessel construction
  • Propulsion technology
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

Special features

  • Sensor ranges from -40 … +600 °C [-40 … +1,112 °F]
  • Compact design
  • Universal application
  • Direct installation into the process
  • Explosion-protected versions are available for many approval types (see data sheet page 2)

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Thermocouples of this series are used for the measurement of liquid and gaseous media at low and medium pressures.

The thermocouple is screwed directly into the process. The electrical connection is made via connection terminals in the connection head (splash-proof). The measuring inserts are available in two variants, depending upon the application. The choice is between a replaceable, springloaded
miniature measuring insert and a non-replaceable, permanently screwed-in design.

Insertion length, process connection and sensor can each be selected for the respective application.

A large number of different explosion-protected approvals are available for the TC10-D.