WIKA Thermomanometer (MFT)

For pressure and temperature measurement

Applications of the thermomanometer

  • Heating facilities
  • Combi-boiler with hot water and heating

Special Features of the thermomanometer

  • Combined indication for pressure and temperature
  • With capillaries
  • Scale range 0 … 4 bar, 0 … 120 °C
  • Reliable and cost-effective

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Nominal size in mm

40, 42, 52

Working ranges

  • Pressure:
  • Steady: 3/4 x full scale value
  • Short time: Full scale value
  • Temperature:
  • Full scale value

Measuring elements

Bourdon tube, Cu-alloy


Cu-alloy, back mount (BM)

  • Pressure: Male thread G 1/4 B (rotatable) with capillary
  • Temperature: Capillary, with sensor D6, plastic covered


Plastic, black, with front flange and lateral snap-fit provisions for panel mounting

Movement (pressure indication)



Plastic, white, black lettering


Plastic, black


Plastic, crystal-clear

The following options are available for the thermomanometer:

  • Other scale ranges
  • Capillary lengths (pressure, temperature), max. 5 m
  • Capillary (pressure) plastic covered
  • Other temperature sensor dimensions
  • Other pressure connections
  • Special scales