WIKA Temperature Dry Well Calibrator (CTD9100-ZERO)


  • Simple calibration of thermometers at 0 °C (32 °F)
  • Tempering of thermocouple cold junctions
  • Test benches and calibration laboratories

Special Features

  • Low-cost
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Simple operation

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Versatile in application
Nowadays, fast and simple testing of thermometers is a “must” when it comes to the operational safety of machines and plants. The portable calibrators of the CTD9100 family are particularly suited for on-site calibrations and extremely user-friendly. Due to their compact design and their low weight, the instruments can be taken and used almost anywhere.

Special application
Regular monitoring of temperature probes helps to reduce failures and production downtimes.
These temperature dry-well calibrators not only calibrate, but they can also temper. In a simple way, a lasting cold junction temperature can be generated and thus the calibration of thermocouples is simplified. The complex method of water fixed-point cells and the risk of freezing and damage in transport are avoided.


The freezing-point calibrator can deliver not only the zero point in °C, but also, through the active cooling, it can deliver other test temperatures.

This instrument concept combines a stable temperature source with a precise Pt100 temperature measurement, which enables industrial temperature probes to be calibrated even more efficiently and in shorter times.
Due to its design and the control, an even temperature distribution is achieved within the block. On this basis, the temperature can be taken as homogenous and not as distributed over the seven test bores. This homogenous temperature distribution reduces the influences on measurement uncertainty.


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