WIKA Precision Pressure Sensor (CPT6100, CPT6180)


  • Testing technology
  • Calibration technology
  • Laboratories and maintenance shops
  • Aviation

Special Features

  • Accuracy up to 0.01 % IS-50
  • Measuring range from -1 … 400 bar (-15 … 6,000 psi)
  • RS-232 or RS-485 interface
  • Compact design

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The precision pressure sensor models CPT6180 and CPT6100 are compact, robust sensors with a serial output and a measuring range which is freely selectable between -1 … 400 bar (-15 … 6,000 psi). The high accuracy of up to 0.01 % IS-50 for 365 days makes the sensor one of the most accurate transducers in precision measurement technology. The standard output mode provides the pressure values via a query-response process.

This precision pressure sensor is built into OEM instruments, e.g. in pressure, flow or humidity calibrators, or in any instrument where high-accuracy measurement is needed. They are used as reference pressure sensors within the automated manufacturing of pressure measuring instruments or calibration stands. Through a high accuracy, speed of reading and long-term stability, these are particularly suited for applications in wind tunnels or in pressure chambers. These characteristics make it a valuable tool in metrology, hydrology, oceanography, and in the aviation and space industries.


The precision pressure sensor models CPT6180 and CPT6100 have an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The RS-485 interface offers the possibility of a genuine multidrop connection and simple cabling. There are four different baud rates to choose from. The sensors can be configured for gauge and absolute pressure for any measuring range within the specified limits. They have a wide voltage supply range (DC 6 … 20 V) and low power consumption (< 0.5 W). With a recalibration time of 180 or 365 days and a high resolution of 6 or 7 significant figures, the precision pressure sensor models CPT6180 and CPT6100 are flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Compact design
The precision pressure sensor models are, due to their robust, compact design, easily integrable in a 19″ rack without taking up much space. With the combination of male and female threads, a fast and secure fitting is always possible, negating the need for further sealing.


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