WIKA Surface Thermocouple (TC50)


  • To measure surface temperatures on flat surfaces or pipes, in both laboratory and industrial applications

Special features

  • Sensor ranges -40 … +1,200 °C (-40 … +2,192 °F)
  • Easily exchanged, no thermowell necessary
  • For screw-fitting, welding or using a tightening strap
  • Cable from PVC, silicone, PTFE or glass fibre
  • Explosion-protected versions

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In the variants for flat surfaces, the sensor is fitted within a contact block. This can be screwed or welded onto the vessel surface. Variants for pipes are secured using a tightening strap.

There are various insulating materials available to suit any particular environmental conditions. The cable end is made up, ready for connection, but can also be fitted with a plug or connected to a field case, as options.