WIKA SF6 Service Equipment (GPU-B-2000, GPU-B-3000)

For filling, cleaning and recovery of SF6 gas


  • Filling, cleaning, recovery, evacuation and venting of SF6 gas-filled switchgear, linear accelerators and other SF6 gas-filled equipment


Special features

  • Oil-less compressor and vacuum compressor
  • Option for on-site gas filtration to the desired humidity
  • Low maintenance effort

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The right equipment for each application -The GPU platform
The gas-handling equipments of the GPU platform enable the complete process from initial filling to processing to be carried out safely and intuitively.
The platform is available in 4 versions.


  • Model GPU-B-2000
    SF6 service equipment in fully automated basic version
  • Model GPU-S-2000
    SF6 service equipment with additional SIL2 safety control
  • Model GPU-B-3000
    SF6 service equipment at the highest performance level
  • Model GPU-S-3000
    SF6 service equipment with additional SIL2 safety control and the highest performance level


High standards and quality – model series B
Like the entire product range, the fully automated basic model offers high-performance components and an optimum design. The products have a USB port and an Ethernet port for remote maintenance. The 10″ IntelliTouch touchscreen promises a comfortable and intuitive handling.

All models of the GPU platform are optionally available with a filter process that allows the SF6 gas to be brought to the desired air humidity directly on site.

The SF6 service equipment is an efficient and reliable solution that exceeds the current IEC standards for handling SF6 gas. Low downtimes through long service intervals of more than 2,500 hours make them an extremely durable product that is always ready for use.


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