WIKA Programming Unit (PU-H)

VIATOR® HART® modems


  • Personal computer HART® modem
  • Communicates with all registered HART® field instruments
  • Operates with most PC-based HART® communication-compliant software

Special features

  • Compact, rugged case
  • CE mark for sale in Europe
  • Integral HART® cable with two test clip
  • Transformer isolation
  • Different connections depending on model: Bluetooth®, USB and RS-232

Sales Contact (Wika.sales@asyatrafo.com)




The VIATOR® HART® modem is a PC communication link to HART® networks for commissioning, servicing, calibrating, or acquiring data from any HART® instrument or transmitter. The modem operates on low power, is isolated, and fully HART®-compliant.

Software driver
The VIATOR® modem software provides the link between the HART® instrument and the personal computer. The software driver is included with every modem and can be downloaded from the manufacturer.

Designed for easy use
The modem is enclosed in a small, rugged ABS plastic case, suitable for the industrial environment. The modem connects to your computer depending on the version with a Bluetooth® connection, a short integral cable terminating in a USB A connector or a RS-232 connector, and connects to a field instrument with an integral cable terminating in two test clips.

The modem is compatible with the following 32- and 64-bit Windows® operating systems:

  • Windows® XP and Vista
  • Windows® 7, 8 and 10