WIKA Pressure Gauge Valve (910.11)

brass, steel or stainless steel


  • Shut-off and throttle valve for pressure measuring instruments, for measuring liquids, gases and vapours
  • In stainless steel version for aggressive media, also in aggressive environments
  • Process industry: Machine building, general plant construction, chemical/petrochemical, power plants, mining, on- and offshore and environmental technology

Special Features

  • Shut-off valve without test connection per DIN 16270 (with vent screw)
  • Shut-off valve with test connection per DIN 16271 (with vent screw)
  • Shut-off valve with separate isolating test connection per DIN 16272
  • Nominal pressures to 400 bar

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Form A version of the pressure gauge valve is supplied with LH/ RH union, and Form B version with shaft for the mounting bracket, with nipple and union nut. Shut-off valves with a test connection are intended for the simultaneous connection of operating pressure measuring instruments and test connection pressure gauges to the pressure pipeline. With pressure gauge valves per DIN 16271, the test pivot is sealed by a lens-type sealing ring and a screw cap placed on top; with valves per DIN 16272, the test pivot is separately isolated by an additional valve spindle. pressure gauge valves are silicone-free.