WIKA OEM Pressure Transmitter (O-10)

For industrial applications


  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Machine building

Special Features

  • Always the ideal solution, whether standard or customer-specific
  • Long-term stability – Reliable measured values over the complete lifecycle
  • Consistent quality and delivery performance

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The O-10 is a low-cost pressure sensor for universal use in OEM applications at pressure ranges from 6 to 600 bar. The O-10 is compact and can be integrated into many machine designs. In terms of precision and robustness, it offers application-optimised performance. Thanks to a wide range of connections, signals and measuring ranges, the pressure sensor can be integrated effortlessly. Customer-specific and private label solutions can also be realised.

Whether a standard instrument or a customer-specific adaption – always the ideal solution

The O-10 is available in almost 500,000 variants – with approvals for the EU, Russia and also the USA and Canada – and, without the need for special designs, offers the greatest freedom. Whether as a second-source sensor or as a replacement, the O-10 saves time and costs during implementation. For optimised machine designs, customisation is really easy.

Measured values, stable in the long term

With a dry measuring cell, the O-10 operates practically wear-free and delivers enduringly stable and precise measured values. This fully welded thin-film cell has already been proven a million times over in the OEM market. Thanks to high overload resistance and a service life of >100 million load cycles, there are no maintenance and replacement
costs. The risk of faults is minimal.

The perfect sensor for large-volume projects

With WIKA, OEM customers benefit from an experienced partner that has been operating as a volume supplier for decades. Delivery reliability and quality assurance are provided consistently through four modern production lines with ISO 9001-based end-of-line checks – for private label solutions too. Units of 50 sensors each make handling easier and reduce packaging waste.