WIKA Precision Pressure Sensor (CPT9000)

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  • Calibration technology
  • High-accuracy pressure monitoring
  • Pressure sensing in critical applications
  • Aerospace

Special features

  • Accuracy: 0.008 % IS-33
  • Measuring range: 25 mbar … 1,001 bar [10 inH2O … 15,015 psi]
  • Temperature compensation: 0 … 50 °C [32 … 122 °F]
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communication
  • Rugged and compact design

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The model CPT9000 precision pressure sensor is designed to excel in performance and value. With an accuracy down to 0.008 % IS-33, a temperature compensation range of 0 … 50 °C [32 … 122 °F], calibration interval of 365 days and selectable ranges from 25 mbar … 1,001 bar [10 inH2O … 15,015 psi], the CPT9000 stands alone in performance and value. The CPT9000 is at the top of Mensors high-accuracy pressure sensor line.

The model CPT9000 precision pressure sensor is ideal for OEM instruments that require high-accuracy in pressure sensor. Examples are:

  • Flow calibrators, humidity calibrators, pressure controllers
  • For aerospace wind tunnel calibration, automotive sensor testing
  • In the aviation and space industries in general, hydrology and oceanography

Or also for applications where high-accuracy pressure measurements and long-term calibration stability are required.

The model CPT9000 has an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The RS-485 interface offers multi-drop capability with simple cabling and three different baud rates to choose from.

The high-accuracy pressure sensor can be configured for gauge and absolute pressure for any measuring range within the specified limits. With a calibration interval of 365 days and a high resolution of 8 significant digits, the CPT9000 is flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of applications.


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