WIKA OEM Pressure Switch with Display (PSD-4-ECO)


  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Automation engineering
  • Special-purpose machine building

Special features

  • Good/bad indication through parameterisable digital display (red/green)
  • Compact size enables easy installation in narrow spaces
  • Optimised design makes OEM machine integration easier
  • Designed for rough demands of up to 50 g shock and -40 … +125 °C [-40 … +257 °F]

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The model PSD-4-ECO is a programmable electronic pressure switch designed specifically for OEM customers. With IO-Link 1.1, the cost-effective and reliable model PSD-4-ECO is a future-proof automation solution. Through individual factory pre-configuration, the pressure switch can also be quickly and simply integrated into the machine without any programming effort.

Fast error detection through colour feedback
With the model PSD-4-ECO pressure switch, it is very easy to determine if the system is operating within the desired pressure range. The instrument can be parameterised such that the digital display lights up green when the value is within the defined pressure range and red if not. In this way, problems can be identified early.

Optimised for tight mounting spaces
With a diameter of 29 mm, the model PSD-4-ECO is very slim. Through the arrangement of the electrical output, it can be installed so that it uses little space. The display head can be rotated through 335° and the display tilted electronically through 180°, so that the pressure display is always aligned
towards the user.