WIKA Multipoint Thermocouple (TC94)

T-Bar design


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Measurement of temperature layerings or hotspots in reactors
  • Licensor-specific design

Special features

  • Versions to customer specification
  • Secondary containment option
  • Exchangeable measuring inserts
  • Anchored support

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Multipoint thermocouples are often used for measuring temperature profiles in reactors or fuel depots or for the detection of the so-called “hotspots”.

The so-called multipoint thermocouple T-Bar design is common for certain vessel designs. In this design, several exchangeable thermocouples are linearly arranged in a T-Bar/pipe design.

The thermocouples are replaceable within the protection tube/flanged primary pressure containment. This design can be provided with a secondary containment option and various neck extensions to suit customer requirements. Connection terminals or temperature transmitters are placed in the connection housing which is either a component of the multipoint thermocouple or can be mounted separately, e.g. on a wall or pipeline.