WIKA Multipoint Thermocouple Sensor (TC97)

Miniature design


  • Tubesheet reactors
  • Pilot plant temperature measurement
  • Food industry

Special features

  • Real-time temperature readings
  • Optimisation of the catalyst filling of the reactor
  • Low-mass designed to avoid influencing process conversion and temperatures
  • Centring instrument for loading in the catalyst tube for accurate process temperatures

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Multipoint thermocouple sensors model TC97 are generally small diameter, individual sensors, which measure temperatures at different positions or heights.

Each individual sensor is protected with a stainless steel (or other alloy) sheath. These sensors may then be combined within a single protection tube. These assemblies are used where the generation of a temperature profile is required, but the weight or size of the multipoint is limited. These designs are available in a number of variants to suit the specific application.


For example, it is possible in some applications to add a traversing ability to the temperature measuring instrument. This allows for continuous data to be collected over the distance of the traverse stroke. This feature can help gather important information relating to catalyst or process activity. These traversing units can be electrically driven with precise feedback on position.