WIKA Inclined Tube Manometer (A2G-30)

For ventilation and air-conditioning


  • For dry, clean, non-aggressive gases, usually air
  • Monitoring of ventilators, blowers and filters in air-conditioning and clean room applications

Special features

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Leakage protection
  • Easy-to-read scale

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The model A2G-30 inclined tube manometer has been specifically designed for ventilation and air-conditioning applications. The measuring instrument enables a clear and easy-to-read analogue display of the measured values.

The model A2G-30 inclined tube manometer is equipped with a reservoir for absorbing the volume expansion of the measuring liquid in case of a strong heating of the measuring liquid (e.g. when exposed to strong radiation from sunlight).

Via an operating button a zero adjustment can be made.

Labels for marking the pressure limits are included in the delivery.