WIKA Hydraulic Ring Force Transducer (F6137)

Geotechnical version up to 700 kN


  • Civil engineering and special construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Mining (surface and underground)
  • Surveying and bridge building
  • Slope stabilisation, retaining walls and excavations

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 80 kN to 0 … 700 kN
  • Relative linearity error ±1.0 % with analogue pressure gauge, ±0.5 % with digital pressure gauge or pressure sensor
  • Piston stroke ≤ 0.5 mm
  • Operates without supply voltage
  • Case and piston made of galvanised steel

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The model F6137 hydraulic ring force transducer, geotechnical version, is available in nominal size NS 82 up to 700 kN.

This hydraulic force measuring unit can, in conjunction with a measuring or display instrument, display the measured values directly or output them as analogue signals. A cylinder-piston combination, filled with hydraulic medium, in a steel version with surface coating or in stainless steel version (option), forms the basis of the anchor force measuring system. It is an extremely robust design in line with the requirements of geotechnical engineering.


For maximum availability and ease of maintenance, we offer a connection solution that enables external measured value transducers/displays to be disconnected and replaced under operating conditions without loss of hydraulic fluid.

Applications for hydraulic force measuring units can be found in the field of geotechnology in various fields such as tunnel construction, bridge building and slope stabilisation.


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