WIKA High-Temperature Thermometer (TC80)

Thermocouple straight version per DIN 50446

Applications of the high temperature sensor

  • Blast furnaces, cowper stoves
  • Annealing and heat treatment processes
  • Refuse, biomass, hazardous waste incineration
  • Industrial heating installations, heat generation, power engineering, reactors
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramics industry, cement and brick production

Special Features of the high temperature sensor

  • Application ranges up to max. 1,600 °C / 2,912 °F (DIN EN 50446)
  • Thermowell made of heat-resistant steel or ceramic, also with ceramic inner tube
  • Support tube of carbon steel
  • Gastight process connection
  • Coating (optional)

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High temperature sensor model TC80 thermocouple assemblies are designed for measuring extreme high temperatures. High temperature sensors are manufactured using high purity and high temperature ceramics as well as oxidation and corrosion resistant metals. High temperature sensor assemblies are manufactured from the finest high purity, high temperature ceramics and materials. Using pure ceramic insulators and tubes in conjunction with noble metal thermocouples provides the greater resistance against contamination and premature degradation. The high temperature sensor assembly can be supplied with or without a transmitter, and the thermocouple temperature ranges are dependent on element calibration and inner/outer tube material. A variety of neck extensions are possible providing a fixture from the enclosure (connection head) to the assembly.

A variety of options are available including: A purge assembly to remove any contaminant gasses that may pass from the process to the inside of the assembly tubes or an optional pressure seal to prevent the potential migration of contaminant gasses from entering the electrical enclosure. Secondary sealing can also be included as an extra safeguard in the event of thermal or mechanical fatigue of the protective tube. High purity and high temperature ceramics must be used when there is contact with noble metal thermocouple sensors (Types R, S, and B having platinum and platinum/rhodium elements). Oxidation and corrosion resistant metals can be used when there is contact with standard thermocouple sensors or as outer protection tubes. A wide variety of designs are available for the high temperature sensors that include connection to process flanges, threaded fittings and direct mounting into a furnace refractory wall. These designs have options for air or inert gas purging, pressure seals, and rugged outer protection tubes.