WIKA Gauge Adapter (910.14)

For pressure measuring instruments

Applications of the gauge adapter

  • For the mounting of pressure measuring instruments, gauge cocks, shut-off valves, pressure gauge syphons, snubbers and other accessory components.

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Male-female gauge adapters
are used where the size of the male thread is different from the female thread in the parts to be connected.

Female-female gauge adapters
are used where both components to be connected have male threads.

Male-male gauge adapters
are used where both components to be connected have female threads.

Self-sealing nipples (SS)
are used to adapt a smaller size threaded connection to a larger one (e.g. G ¼ to G ½). Due to their design, the nipples are self-sealing (i.e. the taper turned into the nipple presses into the bore of the pressure measuring instrument’s pressure channel connection. To protect against inadvertent release of the two threaded parts, they are secured with a special adhesive.

LH-RH unions
per DIN 16283 have a right-hand thread on one side, and a left-hand thread on the other, which allow the component to be sealed and orientated into any direction required.


Union nuts with nipple
per DIN 16284, enable mounting without having to change the orientation of the parts to be connected against each other.

Solderless compression fitting with ferrule
are used to connect pressure measuring instruments or fittings with pipelines from copper, steel and stainless steel. Particularly useful mounting, no solder or weld points. A sealing washer is included in the delivery.

Flange set with lens-type sealing ring
is used for the assembly of high pressure measuring instruments (up to 4000 bar). Through the two threaded flanges, which are clamped by four bolts, the pressure measuring instrument can be positioned in any orientation required.

Weld-on gauge adapters
with male thread they are used with left-handed threads for connection with LH-RH union, and with right-handed threads (per EN 837-1) they are mainly found with direct pressure port entries.

Rotatable gauge adapters (swivel adapters)
enable the orientation of pressure measuring instruments through a 360 ° range.