WIKA Float Switch (RLS-1000)

For industrial applications


  • Level measurement of liquids in machine building
  • Control and monitoring tasks for hydraulic power packs, compressors and cooling systems

Special features

  • Maximum reliability thanks to high-quality reed contacts
  • Very high variety and customer-specific solutions possible
  • Simple and fast installation

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The RLS-1000 is a robust, reliable and inexpensive float switch. Since the monitoring of levels as well as dry-run protection and overflow protection are cost-sensitive applications in the machine-building industry, a float switch is the ideal solution for many plants. The RLS-1000 reliably detects the level in vessels with water, oil, diesel or other liquids by means of a permanent magnet and frictionless reed contacts at max. 4 defined switch points and can be used in a medium temperature range from -30 to +150 °C [-22 to +302 °F].

The compact float switch is simple, convenient and fast to integrate, because it does not need to be calibrated or set during the installation. This greatly improves the ease of handling, especially in confined installation situations. Also, since its robust design makes it resistant to vibrations and shocks, maintenance costs are minimal.


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