WIKA Diaphragm Monitoring System with Threaded Connection (DMS34)

For the chemical and petrochemical industries


  • Chemical/petrochemical industry, oil/gas industries
  • For applications with hydrofluoric acid content
  • For aggressive and critical media
  • Pressure/vacuum measurement on pipelines or vessels

Special features

  • Double-diaphragm system to ensure the separation of the process and the pressure measuring instrument
  • Process connection with thread to provide for direct threaded connection
  • All welded version with internal diaphragm
  • System from Monel

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The WIKA combination of diaphragm seal, pressure measuring instrument and monitoring element is ideally suited for the harshest measuring tasks. The system can withstand aggressive, contaminated or hot media and ensures a secure connection between the medium and the diaphragm monitoring system. The patented diaphragm monitoring has been designed specifically for the highest safety requirements in the chemical and petrochemical industries. On the double-diaphragm system a second, internal diaphragm in the pressure measuring instrument ensures the reliable separation of the environment and the process in the event of a diaphragm rupture. The measuring function of the overall system remains unrestricted, nevertheless it must be replaced immediately.

Mounting of the diaphragm seal to the pressure measuring instrument is made as direct mounting as standard. A fluid inside the system, which is explicitly chosen to suit the particular application, hydraulically transmits the pressure to the pressure measuring instrument. Diaphragm monitoring systems with the WIKA model 990.34 diaphragm seals are used successfully in applications with hydrofluoric acid content. The model DMS34 is a patented WIKA development, see e.g. patent DE 19949831, and is subject to further pending patents, e.g. US 2018180505, DE 102016015447, CN 108240885.