WIKA Compact Pressure Switch (PSM02)

For industrial applications, adjustable switch hysteresis


  • Hydraulics and mobile hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Mobile working machines
  • Plastics injection moulding machines

Special Features

  • Adjustable switch hysteresis
  • Setting ranges: 0.2 … 2 bar [3 … 30 psi] to 30 … 320 bar [450 … 4,600 psi] and -0.85 … -0.15 bar [-25 inHg … -5 inHg]
  • Non-repeatability of the switch point: ≤ 2 %
  • Switching functions: Normally closed, normally open or change-over contact
  • Media: Compressed air, neutral and self-lubricating fluids and neutral gases

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Model PSM02 screw-in pressure switches in a diaphragm or piston design open or close a circuit, depending on whether the pressure is falling or rising. With one adjustment screw, respectively, the required switch point and the switch hysteresis can also be easily and conveniently set on-site.
Optionally, WIKA offers its customers the factory setting of the switch point.

Model PSM02 mechanical pressure switches are employed wherever compressed air, neutral and self-lubricating fluids or neutral gases are used and a precisely set switch hysteresis is needed.

The high reproducibility of the switch point of ±2 % and the adjustable switch hysteresis make the model PSM02 pressure switches interesting for all customers who place a value on precision as well as an attractive price.