WIKA Capsule Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel (632.51)

For the process industry, high overload safety, NS 100 and 160


  • Pressure measurement at very low pressures
  • For gaseous, aggressive media, also in aggressive environments
  • Robust design and ingress protection IP54, suitable for outdoor use

Special Features

  • High overload safety up to 50 x full scale value
  • Scale ranges from 0 … 2.5 mbar
  • Measuring chamber protected against unauthorised intervention
  • Low measuring error and influence on function from medium pollution

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These capsule pressure gauges are used when extremely-low pressures must be displayed on site. The instruments can be overloaded up to 50 times the full scale value without any problems.

The large effective area of the two welded, radially corrugated diaphragms of the capsule element allows the reliable measurement of the smallest pressures.

These measuring instruments, made entirely of stainless steel, are suitable for gaseous, aggressive media.

The capsule pressure gauge of model 632.51 has been qualified and manufactured in accordance with EN 837-3.