WIKA Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel (PG23LT)

For extremely low ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F], with case filling, POLARgauge®


  • For outdoor use with ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F]
  • For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive environments
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industries

Special features

  • POLARgauge® – special instrument design for extremely low ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F]
  • Ingress protection IP66 and IP67
  • Completely from stainless steel
  • Measuring ranges from 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 1,000 bar [0 … 10 to 0 … 15,000 psi]
  • Case also available in safety level “S3” per EN 837-1

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The model PG23LT high-quality POLARgauge® has been designed specifically for extremely low ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F]. The stainless steel pressure gauge finds applications in particularly cold regions such as Russia, Canada, Scandinavia or China.

The PG23LT pressure gauge is used primarily in the oil and gas industries and in the petrochemical industry. The typical measuring points are found on pipelines or in pumping stations for oil and gas transportation.

As a result of the specific low-temperature design, the use of special seals and the case filling, the model PG23LT is suitable for outdoor applications down to an ambient temperature of -70 [-94 °F].

The same instrument design fulfils the requirements for both IP66 and IP67 ingress protection for scale ranges greater than 0 … 40 bar.

The proof of the instrument’s suitability for ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F] was provided in the in-house laboratory and can optionally be confirmed by a 2.2 test report.

WIKA measuring instruments bearing the registered trademark POLARgauge® are suitable for use in extremely low ambient temperatures down to -70 °C [-94 °F].