WIKA Pressure Transmitter with Flameproof Enclosure (E-10, E-11)

For applications in explosion-protected areas


  • Borehole monitoring
  • Refineries and petrochemical industry
  • Drilling platforms and pipelines
  • Gas compressors

Special Features

  • CSA- and FM-approved as “explosionproof” for class I, div. 1 hazardous areas
  • ATEX- and IECEx-approved as “flameproof enclosure” for II 2G Ex db IIC T6…T1 Gb
  • Current or voltage output
  • Designed for harsh ambient conditions
  • Low-power version available as an option

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The model E-10 and E-11 pressure transmitters with flameproof enclosure have been designed specifically for the high demands of industrial oil and gas applications.

These pressure transmitters are available with various analogue signals, from 4 … 20 mA to battery-powered, low-power versions, e.g DC 1 … 5 V.
They feature an exceptionally high resistance to vibration, pressure spikes and moisture ingress.

On each individual instrument a comprehensive quality control and calibration is performed, so that an accuracy of ≤ 0.5 % can be ensured. Temperature compensation guarantees accuracy and long-term stability, even with strong fluctuations in the ambient temperature.

The models E-10 and E-11 are suitable for sour gas applications and feature particularly high resistance against sulphide stress cracking when in contact with sulphurous gases.

The pressure transmitters are approved as “explosionproof” for class I, II, III, div. 1 hazardous areas to FM and CSA as well as “flameproof” for II 2G Ex db IIC T6…T1 Gb to ATEX and IECEx.