WIKA Pressure Gauge Per EN 837-1 with Mounted Diaphragm Seal (DSS19F)

With process connection per Svensk Standard SS 1145, for food


  • Hygienic pressure measurement in sanitary applications for the food and beverage industry
  • Mechanical pressure display on pipelines and vessels
  • For gases, vapour; liquid, pasty, powdery and crystallising media

Special features

  • Quick cleaning, without residue
  • Process connection per Svensk Standard SS 1145
  • Suitable for cleaning out of place (COP)
  • Sterilisation-in-Place (SIP) up to max. 130 °C [266 °F]

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The DSS19F complies with the requirements of the food industry. The threaded connection enables a hygienic process connection.
The requirements of COP (cleaning out of place) are fulfilled.

The diaphragm seal systems can withstand the cleaning vapour temperatures occurring in the SIP processes and thus ensure a sterile connection between the medium to be measured and the diaphragm seal.

The proven, all-welded construction ensures a long service life and permanent sealing.

The DSS19F is used for pressure measurement in various process steps, e.g. filtration, separation, pasteurisation, and in filling systems.