WIKA OEM Pressure Sensor (MH-3-HY)

For mobile hydrogen applications

Note: Model MH-3 has been superseded by model MH-4.


  • Mobile hydrogen applications
  • Measurement of the tank pressure (350 bar)
  • Measurement of the system pressure after pressure reduction (usually 20 bar)

Special features

  • EC 79/2009 approval
  • E1 approval guarantees compliance with EMC requirements in a vehicle
  • Hydrogen compatibility through the use of suitable materials and a dry, welded measuring cell
  • Developed for the extreme operating conditions in mobile applications

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The model MH-3-HY has been specifically developed for use in vehicles with hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The necessary approval in accordance with EC 79/2009 was obtained in cooperation with TÜV Süd. The materials used are 316L and 2.4711, which are suitable for use in hydrogen applications and do not become brittle.

The E1 approval associated with EC 79 also confirms electromagnetic compatibility when used in these applications.

Due to the hermetically welded thin-film measuring cell, additional sealing materials are not required. Unlike other sensor technologies on the market, the measuring cell has no oil filling.

The design of the MH-3-HY also meets the highest demands in terms of resistance to shock and vibration.

Our manufacturing concept is ideally designed for the requirements of OEM production.