WIKA Tubeskin Thermocouple Assembly (TC59-W)



  • Chemical industry
  • Power generation
  • Refineries
  • Heating furnaces
  • Heat exchangers

Special features

  • Application ranges from 0 … 1,260 °C (32 … 2,300 °F)
  • Flexible sheathed cable, mineral-insulated internal leads
  • High mechanical strength, shock-resistant
  • Explosion-protected versions

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The WELD-PAD enables the measurement of temperatures on plain or contoured surfaces. The WELD-PAD sensor hot end is a contoured weld-pad attached to a mineral-insulated cable (sheathed cable). It consists of a metal outer sheath, which contains the insulated internal leads, compressed within a high-density ceramic composition. The internal leads are made from thermo material. The material of the outer sheath can be selected to match the application. At one end of the sheathed cable, the internal leads are welded together to form an insulated (ungrounded) or non-insulated (grounded) measuring point. At one end of the sheathed cable, the ends of the leads are connected and the sheathed cable is hermetically sealed using a sealing compound. The lead ends form the platform for the electrical connection. Cables, plug-in connectors or connector sockets can be connected to them.

Sensor design
The WELD-PAD is designed as a contoured weld pad designed to suit each tube and sensor size. The WELD-PAD design is used in low variability applications where accuracy is not critical. It provides measurement readings for trending, excursions and tracking. When critical accuracy is required refer to data sheets TE 65.56, TE 65.57 and TE 65.59.