WIKA Test Couplings System MINIMESS® (CPK-MM)


  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Calibrations directly on-site
  • Maintenance and service facilities
  • Pressure test

Special features

  • Plug-in and threaded coupling
  • Integrated non-return valve enables leak-free mounting and dismounting
  • Tool-free fitting of the threaded connections

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Application areas
Both connection sets contain various test couplings for adapting to WIKA calibration products to existing processes with quick-release couplings series MINIMESS® 1620 or MINIMESS® 1215. The selection and quantity is specifically configured for the various WIKA calibration products.

Two connection sets for different systems
In practice, one often finds the test couplings 1620 series and 1215 of connections. The numbers represent the thread sizes of the test coupling connections: 1620 stands for the thread size M16 x 2 and 1215 for the thread size M12 x 1.5.
For this reason, WIKA offers for each of the both systems one connection set.

Different adapter types
The components of both sets can be divided into 4 different categories.

  • Test couplings have a series-specific male thread on one side and a BSP or NPT male thread on the other side. The coupling is also fitted with a non-return valve.
  • Direct connections for measuring instruments have a series-specific female thread on one side with an internal metal mandrel. The metal mandrel serves to open the non-return valves of the test couplings.
  • Hose adapters have a series-specific male thread on both sides. In contrast to the couplings, these have no non-return valve integrated and are particularly suitable for the connection of two hoses.
  • Measuring hoses have a series-specific female thread on both sides.