WIKA Sealings (910.17)

For measuring instruments and instrumentation accessories


  • Sealing of process connections with parallel threads

Special Features

  • Large selection of materials and sizes
  • Versions: Flat sealing ring per EN 837-1 (and similar), WIKA sealing ring and edge sealing ring
  • For process connections with/without centring spigot

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The model 910.17 contact sealings sit between the stationary surfaces of a parallel screw connection. On reaching the prescribed tightening torque, the screw connection is sealed axially by the resulting surface pressure.

The sealings are used for the sealing of threaded connections at measuring locations and connection elements in apparatus and pipeline construction (e.g. valves, cocks, syphons, connection adapters, overpressure protectors).

Sealings prevent the accidental leakage of gaseous or liquid media into the environment.

It is recommended that, on each disassembly, the sealing is checked for damage or deformation and, if necessary, it is replaced.