WIKA Sealing Disc (SD83)

For mounting a high-temperature thermocouple


  • Sealing of thermocouples in the flange nozzle
  • Process industry: Oil and gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry
  • Sulphur recovery units (SRU)

Special features

  • Can be used with thermocouple models TC80, TC82, TC83 Calitum® or TC84
  • High thermal stability thanks to special materials
  • Available for all nozzle dimensions from 4″
  • For use with primary protection tube model TW83

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Sealing discs are used for the sealing of thermocouples in the flange nozzle.

They delay corrosion of the support tube and flange by aggressive process gases and thus extend the service life of the thermocouple.

Due to the special combination of hard and soft materials, the sealing discs are designed for harsh operating conditions, such as those that can occur in sulphur recovery plants.