WIKA Reference Thermometer (CTP6000)


  • Reference thermometer for high-accuracy temperature measurement in a range of -196 … +420 °C [-321 … +788 °F]
  • Reference thermometer and a precision instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating temperature measuring instruments in factories and calibration laboratories
  • Comparative calibration in dry-well calibrators, tube furnaces and liquid baths

Special features

  • Temperature range: -196 … +420 °C [-321 … +788 °F]
  • High stability
  • Low drift, long service life
  • Connecting leads, banana plugs, DIN connector or SMART connector
  • Different lengths, therefore also suitable for fixed point calibration

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The CTP6000 platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) has been designed both for precise temperature measurement in fixed laboratories and also for on-site use. It combines excellent technical characteristics with a robust design. If the ‘off the shelf’ range will not suit the needs the thermometers can be supplied custom manufactured to almost any specification.

The thermometer’s connections range from open cable ends, through common DIN connectors, to intelligent SMART connectors. With a SMART connector, the sensor-specific coefficients can be stored directly in the probe’s connector. Thus the SMART connector can easily be switched between instruments or channels. Any confusion of the coefficients is thus ruled out.

For calibration, the test items and the standard thermometer are brought to the same temperature in a temperature control unit.
As soon as a stable temperature is reached, the test items are read or their output signals are measured (resistance, thermoelectric voltage, standard signal) and compared with the standard thermometer.

The CTP6000, with a length of 500 mm [19.69 in], has been designed specifically for fixed-point calibration, which enables a calibration with the highest-possible accuracy.


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